Affinity Solutions is a global business service provider that was founded on the need to provide a suite of professional outsourced support services to companies involved in the personal insolvency, bankruptcy and distressed debt markets. We’re proud to have partnered with some of the largest insolvency practitioners and debt administrators in the world, while evolving to become the dynamic and widely trusted organisation that we are today.

Our services are supported by a team of industry sector experts in operations, finance, human resources management, information technology and compliance. Industry-leading practices and benchmarks ensure that we consistently provide superior professional solutions that are relevant, cost-effective, compliant and value-adding.

Having us take care of your administration-intensive matters, allows you to focus your time and resources on your core business and revenue-generating activities.


The way in which organisations will conduct their operations in the future will forever be changed due to the impact of COVID-19. The threats to business continuity will challenge organisations to rethink what ‘business as usual’ means and how this will influence their strategies when implementing structures and practices to ensure operational continuity.

The Affinity Solutions service offering is well-positioned to support our clients’ organisational strategies with regards to business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

To meet our clients’ business continuity expectations, we have invested in a hybrid business support model providing a blended workforce split between on-premise and remote work solutions based on the risk level of the service provided and amount of oversight required. Our investment spans across the following core areas:


Affinity Solutions’ on-premise and remote work infrastructure requires the best connectivity, hardware and software, including the support and management thereof.

We provide all of the above in order to achieve our client service level targets.

Why outsource


All staff go through our intensive recruitment background checks and comprehensive skills development and work monitoring programs, to ensure a workforce of suitably qualified people.


To ensure the sustained longevity and growth of our operations we are well supported by our shareholders and apply sound business principles that create a healthy balance sheet that is low on debt and high on cash reserves to ensure we operate as Going Concern well into the future.


Our blended workforce model requires the highest levels of oversight and performance management. The performance of our remote teams is managed through:

  • Daily review and feedback of KPI dashboard results by the department team leader and our internal quality control departments.
  • Weekly team and individual communications driven through videoconferencing.
  • Monthly onsite inspections and meetings at each team member’s home.
  • Monthly, or as required, compulsory on-premise meetings and training.


Together with our clients, we assess which services can be conducted remotely or on-premise depending on the service type and the degree of risk associated with non-compliance.

Our in-house legal counsel provides the professional oversight required to ensure compliance is achieved as follows:

  • Onsite inspections and audits of remote working teams.
  • Review of internal controls governing risk and compliance.
  • Policy implementation and review.

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