Ariel view of Durban where Affinity Solutions is based.



Scenario: Affinity assumed responsibility for a UK client due to customer experience underperformance


Affinity worked closely with the client’s in-house team to ensure a smooth handover appointing a Senior Operations Manager to run the operation.

They began by creating a time and motion on operational performance. Robust quality and performance measures were implemented through the setting of their own K.P.I’s and by designing and delivering a new training program.

It was their analysis that training was causing a repeated cycle of performance issues as agents would be taught and then teach bad habits to new members of the clients inhouse team.


Affinity succeeded in creating significant improvement in performance within six weeks.

In the beginning Affinity assumed a standard BPO role and were advised what to do and through their people and processes they turned around performance.

The relationship with their client has evolved over the last 12 months. They have grown from an initial 10 FTE to 100 + FTE and the role and responsibility has evolved to encompass the whole function of customer service.


Decrease in Complaints


Increase in Answer Rate

Email response reduced from 13 days to within 24 hours

£250k Monthly Saving


Scenario: Affinity delivered Lead Generation through Data that had not been converted by the Clients In-house Team


Affinity worked with the client to provide lead generation on leads that had no contact by the in-house sales team.

Durban has a strong value proposition in outbound and inbound sales and lead generation, due to the existing talent pool.

Due to Affinity Groups effective recruitment strategy through remuneration packages, company culture, and training and development opportunities, they were able to recruit best in class within all services, and in particular sales and lead generation.

A strategy was implemented that was designed to work around the customer. The client was called three times a day, morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon, to find the best time the customer was available for conversation. Appointments were managed through diaries and voicemails, and text messages were sent reminding customers of upcoming appointments.


The Affinity strategy and quality of people created a significant uptick in engagement and conversion within 12 weeks.

The conversion rate on non contactable leads was a 38% improvement in performance on the in-house team with fresh £50 a lead data.

The Lead Generation team began as 5 FTE and has now grown to 40+ FTE.

Due to the success of the Lead Generation campaign, Affinity have now been given the clients full Sales Function.

Average Daily Transfers Per Person


Increase in sales conversion


Performance Improvement