We know that debt solutions, especially Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), involve a lot of behind the scenes work. The process of sourcing leads, document processing and the drafting of IVA proposals can often be extremely time consuming. A large team of staff is often required to keep up with the increasing workload, especially now that most government support systems like Furlough and Breathing Space are slowly coming to an end. 

Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) in the UK are in a unique position to drastically increase their bottom line earnings through outsourcing. We have seen a growing number of IPs starting to outsource their admin-intensive back-office insolvency work to countries like South Africa. Read on to find out why:

Why outsource back-office insolvency work?


Our comprehensive range of insolvency solutions reduce the operational sunk costs per case and enable practitioners to focus on growing their client base in a compliant and sustainable manner.

Low Risk and Affordable Scalability

Outsourcing enables IPs to quickly scale up without the capital expenditure and admin of onboarding and training new staff.

Improved Cash Flow

Improves cash flows through reduced investment into infrastructure, systems development, staff training and absenteeism.

Reduced Overheads

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce overheads, providing a viable and sustainable solution to the challenges and costs related to recruiting, training and equipment, with savings of nearly 50%.

Ultimately, through outsourcing, IPs can not only focus more on their clients, but it also helps them save a substantial amount of money on labour costs and other overheads, allowing them to increase their bottom line earnings. Affinity Solutions has a team of highly qualified and experienced financial analysts, data analysts, case managers, client service officers and more, who have been extensively trained and immersed in UK personal insolvency and the IVA process. So, by partnering with Affinity, you are guaranteed to receive high quality services at an affordable cost.

Partner with Affinity Solutions

At Affinity Solutions, we offer comprehensive outsourced back-office solutions to insolvency firms. We’re proud to have partnered with some of the largest Insolvency Practitioners in the world. Our team manages the full Nominee process from lead generation to outcome calls and Chairman’s Reports. Once a client has entered into an IVA, our team then oversees the Supervisory process from customer services through until closure of their IVA.

We are certified as being compliant with all General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Protection Act (DPA), California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) regulations and requirements.If you would like to know more about outsourcing your back-office insolvency work, we are happy to discuss your needs. Contact us here, or send us an email:  info@affinitysolutions.co